The Snake at Central Park

I think that it is important to acknowledge the tiny doses of courage you give yourself in moments of fear. On May 29th,2023 I decided to take a day trip to New York. On this trip I felt different but in a good way. I felt like it was my time to overcome fear, and I'm not sure if it had anything to do with me selling my nice car or me finished writing my book. Anyways my friend and I was walking around in Central Park and this man had a snake around his neck. He was asking everyone if they wanted to hold it. Everyone trembled in fear including me, but I also saw how intrigued they were by something they were so afraid of. They wanted to hold the snake but just the thought of limbless carnivore around their neck with fangs scared them. Which I agree we have no idea what this snake will do once it touches us. Especially if you watched scary movies about snakes you won't go anywhere near one! I then heard a voice within me say "This is your chance to do something that you are afraid of". I then looked at the man, and he just already knew I was interested in holding the snake. He then raised it off of his neck and proceeded to lay the snake around mine. " WAIT!!" I shouted "You're Fine" he said gently and he slapped the snake around my neck. At that moment I felt my heart rate rise, and I was monitoring the snake to make sure he doesn't try to kill me. I was ready to throw it, but then I took a few deep breaths because I wanted to stay present At this moment of fear. Everyone around me took out their phones and started to record me. People was so shocked and amazed that I said yes to something outrageous. Of course there were a few negative comments on me saying yes, but I just thought to myself it's because there okay with not understanding the power in overcoming fear.

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